Casinos- Spoiling Us

There are many casinos that we know of even if we have not visited one. Many people want to go to a casino to try their luck but are afraid that it might cause them a bad reputation if it is known to their friends or relatives. Not everyone have self-control in casinos. Many don’t stop when they have to and the repent about it later.

The casinos are also designed and built in such a way, that once a person enters inside, he should have to pass through many doors before getting to the exit.

On the way, they can see many tables, games and slot machines and would want to try their luck with it first before giving up.

Most human minds will fall for this. Only if a person has high strength of mind, then only he can come out of the casino, without playing.

This can happen even if the person has lost all money already. The casinos offer the players best environment. The ambience is created in such a way that the players entering into the casino would want to spend maximum time inside the casino before going out. Even the chair designs are made in such a way that the player does not feel uncomfortable even if they stay in the same chair for long time. Especially in slot games, these chairs are used. The player does not think about getting up because he feels uncomfortable sitting there for a long time. Similar arrangements are done with the poker table and other tables where the players sit down to play. Bar facilities are available inside the casino area check out here The player can have unlimited drinks when he is there to play. But only some bars allow free drinks throughout their stay. Most of the bars charge an amount after a couple of free drinks, especially for alcoholic drinks. Generally the drinks will be available for lesser cost than outside. As this is like a package for the casinos. When a person drinks more of alcohol, he loses his sense. He is not able to think straight. This condition will make him spend more money even if he wants to stop playing.

So it is better to avoid alcoholic drinks if you want to spend only a little amount in the casinos.

Also if the casino has restaurant inside, then you need not go out for food also.

They will have waitresses or waiters who keep on moving about and taking orders from the players.

They would come and deliver your order at the place where you are sitting.

It is like you don’t have to get up and go just to have something to eat or drink.

Many casinos loan some money to the players especially the ones who spend more.

It is given to keep their interest in playing to go on. The casinos are run from the money that is spent by regular players and not some people who come there for one day or two. The casino requires regular money flow. Regular players would be local ones, who can come daily and play. Casinos have things designed in such a way, that you spend more money inside the casino. When you are inside the casino and looking the games, it makes you want to gamble again, even if you want to stop then. The games in the casino have house edge whatever your stakes may be. The casinos offer comp to persons spending more. This makes people want to spend more than that. They don’t think that if they had saved the money that they had spent in casino, they could have got the comp themselves and would also have more money for some other expenditure also. The casinos are built with promises that the money got from the casinos would be used for some common purpose such as school, college, hospital, etc. but studies show that none of the money from casinos is used like that. They are used again in the casinos only. So it is high time that we think if we need casinos that are not useful to the society in any way. If you want some place to relax or play, then it should be done in some other way.